Our Core Missionaries World Missionaries

Bob and Jackie Braswell - South Africa

Terry and Barbara Castleberry - Belize

Norried and Doris Chaisson - The Marshall Islands

Shawn and Deborah Galyen - Spain

Rebeckah Moore - Congo

Mark and Victoria Turney - Togo

Brad and Shelly Foltz - Builders International

James and Rachael Courter - Haiti

David and Kelly Godzwa - Mexico

Lloyd and Ana Marsh - Chile

Andy and Stacey Whitman - Royal Rangers Int'l

Our Core Home Missionaries

Robbie and Betty Jernigan - Emergency Services

Steve and Jane Mathias - M.A.P.S.  

Elizabeth Campbell - Chi Alpha

Kyleigh Jernigan - Fellowship of Christian Athletes

Our Core Ministries

Convoy of Hope

Teen Challenge

Choices Pregnancy Center (Marshfield)