Except by prayer & fasting_21 Days

“God will make a way where there seems to be no way” is a phrase from a 19??’s song that we need to hear today. The question is—How? How can God make a way where there seems to be no way?  Take a moment and read Mark 2:18-20.  Notice Jesus’ words in verse #20:  Then they will fast.  Jesus knew there would come a time when He would not be physically present any longer with His disciples—with the church. Dangerous times would come when supernatural strength would be needed. “Then they will fast IN THOSE DAYS.” Could it be we are living in those days, today? The Jesus is physically absent and our needs for spiritual power are enormous. Some “ways” cannot be made except by prayer and fasting (Matthew 17:21).


The Good News is, God still speaks to His people. He still desires to lead us by the Holy Spirit. Over the last few services God has been challenging us as a church to seek Him; to trust Him more and more by faith. He is calling us to a season of prayer and fasting. I trust and pray you will join us—as the Spirit leads you! He has challenged us to believe Jeremiah 33:3Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know. I believe God desires to open the windows of heaven and pour out His Spirit upon those who will seek Him.  


This brings me to the primary purpose of this communication. Fasting is a spiritual discipline designed to better connect us with God--to awaken our spiritual passion. Why fast? In Matthew 6 Jesus outlines three responsibilities of every Christian: when you give (1-4), when you pray (6-14), and when you fast (16-18). As you know, in our Sunday morning messages, on August 2nd and August 16th, God has directed me to call the church to a time of fasting and prayer for 21 days (Monday, August 24th-Sunday, September 13th). This time of sacrifice and dedication will consist of as many in our church family as are willing to pay the price for a move of God in our personal lives, our church, our community and our nation! I sincerely feel as we begin to pray faithfully and consistently we will see God respond—He is faithful! 


We are living in extremely desperate times. The problems of humanity are beyond the wisdom of humanity. The only solution we can offer to our world is Jesus. And Christ will only be accepted by a message, method and messengers covered by prayer. The problems of our lives are also beyond our wisdom. The only solution available to us is also the power of Jesus! God has specifically challenged us to pray. In prayer, as we call upon Him, we will see God respond! Can there be any doubt in our minds that we must—we need to—experience a supernatural display of God's grace and power?  The only way to combat the forces of Satan is the power of God.  


So I want to take this opportunity to thank you for joining me in this important Except by Prayer & Fasting_21 Days. Will you join me? Will you make prayer, renewal, revival and seeing the church and our world turn to God a priority? Will you fast in some way, regularly, for souls separated from God to be rescued, churches to be empowered, bodies to be delivered from sickness and addictions, and believers to be filled with Holy Spirit?  


You may be saying, “I’m not sure where to start?” Allow me to offer a few ideas—but always remember the Holy Spirit will lead you if you have the desire.

  • You may want to devote 30 minutes a day to prayer for 21 days, and fast one, two, or three days of each week.
  • You may want to follow the 21-Day Daniel Fast.
  • You may want to turn the TV off for the next 21 days and spend the time you would normally listen to the many messages coming across the hundreds of channels on your television, seeking and listening to the voice of God in prayer.
  • You may want to fast one meal a day for the next 21 days, and use that time to pray and seek God for renewal and revival.
  • You may want to sacrifice some hobby time, or “project” time, to show God “I love you more than ___________!”

You get the idea. The main thing to remember, is that God is going to use this time of letting go of other things in order to get ahold of Him!


Your Servant in Christ,

Doug Sampley